1. How much should shoes cost?

Shoes are like wine: price and likability are not always correlated. Try on the shoe first and then check the price. Only buy comfortable shoes. Often, the more a shoe costs, the better the materials that are used in its construction; they may also last longer. If you buy good shoes, it may seem more expensive, but you may need fewer pairs and save yourself some money in the long run. For dress shoes, there are some obvious price ranges:

  1. Under $20: May be interesting, but may not last.

  2. $20-$70: The majority of shoes fall into this range. Just find ones you like and that fit well.

  3. $70-$350: Known as "designer" shoes, they usually have fancy labels. Often, the difference between designer shoes and the lower priced shoes is the lightweight but sturdy quality of the materials.

  4. Over $350: The sky is the limit. You can even buy million-dollar, diamond studded shoes.

2. How should a shoe fit?

According to health experts, shoes are well-fitted when:

  1. They are comfortable when you buy them.

  2. You can wiggle your toes in them.

  3. They have a strong sole that flexes at the ball of your foot (at the base of the big toe).

3. How can I make shoes match my outfit?

The simplest way to make a pair of shoes match an outfit is to have hose or tights that are the same color as the shoes. This is true for slacks and skirts or dresses. The other alternative is to have the hosiery match the dress or slacks. The basic rule is that at least two of the three adjacent objects (slacks/dress, socks and shoes) be the same color.

4. Are designer shoes worth it?

Quality varies among designers. One pair of dazzling shoes is worth 10 pairs of ordinary shoes, and so in that, it may constitute a bargain. Additionally, a fabulous pair of shoes can transform an otherwise ordinary, inexpensive outfit. Sort of a grunge chic.

5. Do I need to do something special to take core of my shoes?

In general, dress shoes don't need any special care. They may need a polish every once in a while. If they are a special material, they may benefit from a shoe preserving spray that repels water and keeps off dirt stains. Wearing different shoes on a daily basis will also lengthen their lifespan.

6: Can high heels ever be comfortable?
Yes. Find ones that work for you.

7: Do I have to wear heels?
Absolutely not. Flats are fab, too!